Astronomy teaching and the Natural Sciences formative itineraries

Leonor Huerta, Universidad de Santiago de Chile

In the context of teaching astronomy in primary and secondary education, and with the aim of developing students’ scientific literacy, the key lies in incorporating astronomy in the training of pre-service science teachers. In the career of Pedagogy in Physics and Mathematics at a university in Chile, the general training of future teachers includes the subjects of Earth Sciences and Physics of the Universe. In 2009 a complementary subject of Astronomy was created, generating a high interest in the students. As of 2013, and thanks to the award of a Teaching Innovation Project, two more specific complementary subjects were created: Astronomy in the Classroom, and Astronomical Observation with Telescopes. This served as the basis for structuring a specialization certification in astronomy (called the Educational Astronomy Minor) for future teachers of the career, which came into effect in 2020. To date, about 60 future teachers have completed the requirements to obtain this specialization in Astronomy.


Astronomy Education and the role of primary and high schools science teachers